100 Dolls to promote a vision of the Aboriginal women who are missing or have been murdered, to one of dignity and honor. British Columbia must stop housing conditions that are conducive to Native Women being hunted down and killed.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Well the past meeting went well. Jen Sanke, Sunni Hunt and myself hammered out a schedule of events for March 20th, 2006....we are looking at having guest speakers, and a fair amount of various traditions injected into this event.

It must be said up front, that what this event will be, is going to be different than what another organization may put together. I am in a good position where I am going in as an Aboriginal Woman, no political agenda - well - perhaps just one - to get a day of recognition for all to appreciate the contributions Canada has gained from the Aboriginal woman...(just a little one)...

There were a few books I read which have impacted my chosen path. One is Enough is Enough - about the Tobique women who changed the Indian Act with reference to the loss of Status from marrying a non-indian.

I do not have an opinion to state here about the outcome, but if you read the story, you will find women who had nothing to lose and more to gain by taking very active steps towards change. This was very empowering. The realness of the how the women told their stories is what I like to think it is like when Aboriginal women want change. They would get together, strategize, implement, learn from mistakes, re-strategize, apply caution but never stop going.

I think it's very important to see Aboriginal women as strong, resiliant, adaptable, gentle, loving, supporting, give the shirt of your back kind of person. And for the most part, they have given everything they had for those who took what they had to offer, and gave absolutely nothing in return.

Think about the creation of Canada. Then think about the Aboriginal community and the division of work. From my understanding, and I look foward to be corrected on this, but it seemed to me that without the work and efforts of the Aboriginal woman, both of these areas would be greatly affected if things were any different.

What would the creation of Canada look like if the Aboriginal women were not there to be the future "assistants" or "guides" or "country wives", or whatever other term can gloss over the immense benefit the early colonizers and settlers derived from the Aboriginal woman.

In return, Aboriginal woman are over-represented as victims, within the Criminal Justice System (and not as paid representatives), the least available for various opportunities with or without a University degree, and the least likely in many other areas to attain levels of power, prestige or position.

Ahhh, I would like to think that this is because the Aboriginal woman denies all these options..that she would chose to not want these things, but to live as a humble woman, working amongst the lower ranks for less money because she wanted this lifestyle. Perhaps and worse yet, that she doesn't want any money at all, but choses to live as a "drugged out whore", giving all her "hard earned money" to her pimp in exchange for a small amount of crack. And why would she chose this, because it would be nice to think that she was happy doing this. That of all opportunities presented to her, she chose that path.

I would question any who agrees that she is happy doing this, and question even more so, how someone defines choice.

I have a problem with this word when applied in any subtley or nuance to Aboriginal women, especially those who have lost the benefit of being remembered with any acceptance by a society which has defined their existence for so long.

Anyhow, I just had a wonderful Christmas eve Dinner. I'm never sure what is "traditional" when it comes to holidays, so I create my own ways. Tonight we had roast beef, with mashed potatoes and asparagus....lol.

I also made some gingerbread cookies shaped like teepee's, which we will decorate tomorrow and eat..yum yum. I love homemade gingerbread.

Have a great Christmas. I have been actively working on a logo, donated by my good friend Bruce Cook, Haida artist extroidinaire, and Mary who is a wonderful Graphic Designer, who is teaching me this program
along with working on this project.

I am so lucky.

Merry Christmas, and hope you all feel the love of those with you or without you.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Semester come and gone!


I survived. It was down to the wire, but all's well that ends well.

I have an important meeting coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll get more details once that is "solid".

Another meeting next week will take place for those who had been given tasks from the Community Forum. Making sure we are on track with those plans (venue, donations, etc), so I can take some things with me to this very important meeting!

***Update*** The meeting planned was with the Attorney General, Wally Oppal, unfortunately we were not able to see him. However, I did get to meet him at the Jewish Congress Center for a Multicultural night. He cannot make this event due to family obligations. But I did ask (smile) - March 13, 2006 -

Talk soon,


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Contact me!


I just heard myself on the computer radio station: www.chly.ca on the goin' coastal radio station.

I would like to thank Cliff Atleo Jr. for his generous support of this project, and for saying nice things about me. Thank you very much Cliff!

I will add more, but I am in the middle of two take home exams and study for another on Thursday. My two other exams went well, and feel pretty optimistic (doesnt' mean i'll post my grades..lol).

You can reach me at glarock@hotmail.com .

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