100 Dolls to promote a vision of the Aboriginal women who are missing or have been murdered, to one of dignity and honor. British Columbia must stop housing conditions that are conducive to Native Women being hunted down and killed.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Funding approved

What a relief. I got word of funding that was approved for a grant in the amount of $3,333.00. This was supplied by the Margeret Mitchell Foundation through Vancity, which is to support Downtown Eastside Women concerns. $1000.00 had been donated generously, by Jen Sanke and her husband, Dan, bringing the actual donations to $4,333.00.

The following will be taken care of, and will post the changes as they are completed:

1. Site - Tsleil-Waytuth Community Center, booked February 13th, 2006

2. Food - bought and prepared by the Aboriginal Mother's Centre, confirmed February 7th, 2006

3. Posters - being made by Amie Stafford - completed March 3, 2006

4. Invites - creation donated by Tewanne Joseph Consulting - Completed March 3, 2006

5. Donation to the Downtown Eastside Woman's March for Feb. 14th

6. Postcards - created by Amie Stafford - Completed March 3, 2006

7. Final submission to the Bloodlines Magazine for an update - Completed March 3, 2006

8. T-shirts to be sold as fundraising - not going to be done.

9. Search for goodies to go into the loot bags - not going to be done

10. Giveaway gifts: Cedar roses with leaves pins to be made at the Aboriginal Mother's Center - Confirmed February 17th, 2006. I will buy supplies and pay an honourium to be taught how to make these lovely goodies.

11. Elder participation - 4 elders as follows:
a. Seislam - asked February 15, 2006
b. Old hands - asked November, 2005
c. Rita Black
d. Leona (?)
e. Lorraine (?)
f. Eveyln Locker

12. Drum groups as follows:
a. Old hands

13. Dancers - organized through Curtis Joe

14. Speakers to be confirmed as follows:

i. Marlene Tricks - Downtown Eastside Woman's March Coordinator, confirmed

ii. Kelly Macdonald - advocate for young girls/woman who make up a portion of the Missing/Murdered Aboriginal woman of Canada - the idea is that one factor to dissuade the idea of choice amongst this group is the age factor, many were young young young. confirmed February 19, 2006

iii. Chief Leah George Wilson from the Tsleil-Waytuth Nation, confirmed.
iv. Catharine Crow - doing her PhD Dissertation on FASD. Another factor to take away the choice concept for those loved ones affected, that their choice option did not exist, confirmed February 15, 2006.

15. Submit the itinerary for Her Honour, Iona Campagnolo's particpation in this event (before the end of February) - Confirmed February 24th, 2006

17. Create the KETA Society website, through Darren Fryer, who is one of the directors of KETA Society, and pretty much one of the founders of this whole project, he came up with the name Aboriginal Angel Doll.....when I couldn't come up with something when I described the original doll (imagine me: well, it looks like an Aboriginal woman, and an Angel, but it's a doll.............what should I call it??????????????) - Confirmed March 1, 2006

18. Create the sample CD with Kookum RITA (my lovely friend, Dorothy), for the giveaway. The production work will be done with Jason Burnstick, copies to be made by me..........this is exciting stuff. Not sure who will do the sample booklet to go with it...will post once I know for sure. This is an introduction to the First Project to officially launch KETA Society - will not be completed until a later date.

There will be four elders opening with a blessing to honour the four directions, to surround the family members. The Nahanee Drum Group will lead the west coast blessing with Caroline Dudoward and her friend Erin, they are not elders but perform blessings through their church.
My friend Curtis Joe, as a champion pow wow dancer, teacher, and a family member will lead the pow wow dancers arround the family members, with songs in the spirit of honour the family members present, and a warrior song so that they may walk out of this function with the strength to not only remove the stigma attached to their loved ones, but to know they are supported by the community members present.

The community members present will be varied. Since this event was to be a public statement, and I was never in a position to perform any "blessings" for the families, the gifts we put together to show our support and our fight for their loved ones will hopefully allow the loved ones memories to be humanized, with dignity and honour.

I will keep this updated, but at this point, many of the appointed members are already in place, just one more clarification on a personal basis to ensure the date and invitation is assured, and any last minute details are taken care of.

In sisterhood,