100 Dolls to promote a vision of the Aboriginal women who are missing or have been murdered, to one of dignity and honor. British Columbia must stop housing conditions that are conducive to Native Women being hunted down and killed.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

March 20, 2006

We are going to claim this day, for the Aboriginal Female Identity. Not sure exactly what it will be called. I had discussed this idea with The Honorable Iona Campagnolo, and her advise to me, was that she hoped I would take all steps necessary to ensure it gets done!

So, on that note, part of that day, will be to make a public acknowledgement that from this day on, from this year on, the Spring Equinox will be dedicated to RECLAIMING the ABORIGINAL FEMALE IDENTITY DAY!

No longer will we dictated by what others determine us to be. No longer will the memory of our sisters be dictated by those who will never understand the connection Aboriginal women have, not only to this land, but to the creation of this country.

Today, the steps are being taken that Aboriginal women are reclaiming our collective Identity as women of strength.



Saturday, November 26, 2005

"the gathering"

I seem to be getting the hang of this, so I must tell you now, some of the things I am working on, actively, and who I am working with. This way, I can from this point on, continue to add to this wonderful project. I am forgetting to add so many events, and meetings, and dates which I hope as I remember, I will certainly add. So many people have made such positive remarks of support for this project. I can only hope to be as successful as the Aboriginal women, who make up these affected groups in BC, deserve.

The gathering will be held on March 20th, 2006 - the First Day of Spring. The spring equinox is symbolic of change, rebirth, renewal - hope for the future.

I do not have a venue established yet. Money of course will be an issue, since, well, I don't have any. Hardy har har.

I have though, established my first guest of honor to speak at this event. Which is none other than the Queens' representative for British Columbia, The Honourable Iona Campagnolo. I visited her office on November 18th, 2005, which was quite nice. She was very impressive to sit and talk with, since she seemed to be very on the ball on so many issues. Impressive!

I have talked to a great many people on this subject. What started as an awareness project, has evolved into what it is. This gathering, I would like to promote, is an opportunity to not only balance what is going on here in BC, but more importantly, give the affected families an opportunity to openly acknowledge their loved ones, to remove the shame brought on through the horrible stories constantly reinforced through the "drugged out whore" stories and statements.

I have made presentations at the First Nations Summit, displayed the doll project at the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, have worked with Don
Wright from Amnesty International - who supports this project, have made an informal presentation to National Chief Phil Fontaine, established a working relationship with Lilian George, President, United Native Nations, established working relationship with Mark Weintraub, President, Canadian Jewish Congress - Pacific Region, established a working group including my good friend Jen Sanke (masters of law student - good stuff Jen), Lara Condello (professor of Criminology at IIG All Nations Institute), Dan Smith - Chief Negotiator at Hamatla Treaty Society, Darren Fryer - wonderful friend who coined the name "Aboriginal Angel Doll" (he's so creative!), Sunni Hunt - cultural liason with Aboriginal Mother's Center, and other women who will join as we go along, conducted my first Community Forum (very nice), am working with elder "Old Hands" - who has created a new song specifically for this event which he will get on disk for my next community forum in January, I have come to sit on two boards - Aboriginal Mother's Center, and Options for Sexual Health, this project has been promoted in the most recent magazine - Bloodlines - through Red Road (very beautiful piece), Vancouver Sun article from June 22, 2005 (with a nice pic), Vancouver province, and the June issue of Shared Vision magazine, have also had a television interview for June 5th, 2005 from City TV.

An upcoming event - Cliff Alteo Jr will interview me, when we meet up at the First Nations Summit Nov 30.

I also have one other radio interview for CKNW, which has been put on hold, due to my schedule as I am in the middle of finals.........wish me luck on my finals.....


Doll Creator

Sooo...this is me. Working away at something rather important i'm sure. School is very important to me. I am finishing up a very hectic, super busy semester. What have I been doing?

Well, school, board meetings, board creation, meetings galore, exhibits, creation of a gathering, attending various functions, reading for fun (does that really happen anymore?), phone call after phone call, writing letters, on top of this, ensure my kids are taken care of, keep them home when they are sick, do their laundry, buy groceries, take out the garbage, and then my daughter............who is very sweet, and I must tend to her needs being so far away, with her last minute requests for stuff, that I can't possibly get to her in time, planning for her to go to university next september, and then also planning for my transition for university life next september also. I like the idea that I may attend the same school as my daughter.

Ha ha ha ha.....a parents ultimate revenge!

My First Exhibit

Here they are!

This was taken at Beecher Bay on the Island, for their First Nations Women's Health Conference.

My first exhibit.

100 Dolls through 7 year old eyes

This is a picture of one of the 100 dolls. My son recently took a sample to his daycare, where he gave the instructions that this doll, must never put upside down for that would make her sad. That even if she doesn't say anything, it still hurts her.

As a seven year old, he is very wise. He was often very curious about the dolls in their formation, and wondered why so many women like his mom would get hurt.

Is this thing on?

Hello, my name is Gloria. I am reaching out through this service, to touch as many people as possible with reference to the project I have committed myself to.

It's called the Aboriginal Angel Doll Project.

I will tell you about the journey so far, but at the moment, I am just doing some housework with getting this site established.

Look foward to some tea and bannock with you later....