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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gladys Radeck

June 20th, 2006 these pics were from tonight where I spent the evening with Gladys Radeck and her family at her home. Her newest grandchild, Meleeka or Angelica - whatever they decide - was born this very morning. I was invited to join their welcoming feast of take out chinese food (everyone was super tired from staying for and up for the long long delivery process), which the chinese food was absolutely incredible. I gobbled down a whole plate full of yummy food.

I was super amazed at how quick this young woman of 17 was in and out of the hospital and tonight, was at home joking with the family, and being - well 17. Her and her partner were very happy, and looked very cute getting all snuggly.

Gladys was involved in a human rights case against Tinseltown and their Security Company against Natives and Handicap individuals. Gladys uses a prosthetic, which an old one has been turned into a funky backyard design - I had to take the picture! Gladys won her case and has been responsible for forcing some cultural sensitivity training for those responsible.

I don't want to minimize by saying something glib - like "good show" Gladys - or "about time". I do not know the kind of ill treatment Gladys received, for she was forcibly removed from the premises while on her way to get a starbucks coffee.

The story this woman has to tell, is of a life full of many such trials and tribulations. She is very sensitive to the treatment received by others, under any circumstances, and she has proven that she is not afraid to make a call on it if she feels her Charter rights have been infringed in any way.

This is very important. For on the one hand, you have this fierce advocate who lives by the sword (so to speak), and yet can still easily die by it. Dancing on such a sharp knife causes much pain and anxiety, for it's a constant dance to stay safe.

I will be speaking more with this amazing woman, about what it has taken up to now to survive the harsh reality of her life. She has great plans for continueing her advocacy, her heart knows the pain of many abuses sufferred by those who do not understand.

I will be working with her to get a beautiful story based on the fundamentals of what it has taken Indigenous woman since time immemorial to survive.

There are many other updates, but I had to get this picture in. I loved that leg!


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